Meet the Team

Lara Trewin

Lara Trewin

Passionate trail runner, UKA Run Leader and DogFit® Certified Canicross Trainer.




The girl that started all our adventures! Our 8 year old GSP cross and pack leader.


I’m an experienced trail runner who is passionate about getting people outdoors enjoying what they have on their doorstep in North Cornwall / Devon. Be it through canicross adventures or through canitrekking, I enjoy nothing more than being outdoors with like minded people and their dogs.


She came here from Spain in 2017, to share my love of running and to live the life she deserved. Tilly proved to be a complete natural at canicross, the two of us hit the trails and coast paths regularly. She’s an extremely competent pack leader and takes her role very seriously, she has an exceptional work ethic. She also enjoys sofa snuggles in the evening, who doesn’t?!


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Our Experience

Tilly and myself have completed various distance events including trail marathons and endurance coastal events as well as enjoying social 5-10K weekly runs with our friends.

I hold a England Athletics Run Leader qualification and have been a run leader for over 10 years now, focusing on developing people’s confidence to give running a go and now specialising in canicross trail sessions.

I’m motivated by how much the dogs and their humans get out of the sessions, it’s not about speed or pace for us, although, we have been known to make it into first female-assisted slot at our local parkrun! I feel privileged to be a facilitator for many people’s first steps into this wonderfully fun and social sport and if I can encourage others to give it a go, then I’m happy.

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