…the end of the 2022/23 Canicross event season is over until September.

How to sum up this season here at Let’s Go? I can only describe it as incredible and inspirational. I’ve had the privilege of seeing all team members push their boundaries this season, taking themselves out of their comfort zones and finding out more about their capabilities than they ever imagined.

For some, it’s been a season of comebacks, after having time away from the sport for personal reasons and coming back to it with an enhanced zest for life, increased motivation and a desire to enjoy the adventures once again surrounded by their friends and supportive community. For others, it’s been about challenging what they thought was possible. From starting as beginners, progressing to 10k’s, events, half marathons and now working towards their first ultra this team continue to inspire me and others to never give up.

From the messages I’ve received recently, I know it’s not just about the running and the sport, it’s much more than that. We’ve grown as a group, a safe community group where people feel welcome, supported and ultimately feel at ease to do what they want to do. We have fun, we have a lot of laughs, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously yet we know how to train our bodies to do what we require of them. We also have eaten a whole load of breakfasts!!

We’ve held workshops, set training programs for various distances, introduced many more people to the sport of Canicross and supported people through some difficulties. We’ve done this as a group, as a team and as friends.

Our sessions will still run through the summer (depending on weather conditions) as our training will continue. There will be early morning starts and later evening runs to accommodate heat or humidity but we will be available to carry on the work we’ve started. You’ll find access to all our sessions over on the Classes page

The 2023/24 season starts in September with even more group sessions available to all, some endurance challenges for many and some debut Canicross events for those who haven’t experienced them before. You’ll never run alone with this team by your side. A huge thank you to all who have run with us this season, who have encouraged and supported each other and my biggest thanks must go to my best girl. Without this girl by my side, this group would never have happened.

Thanks, Tilly girl

from Lara xx

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