If so, we can help.

As a keen trail runner and an England Athletics Leader in Running Fitness, I started my Canicross adventures when I rescued my girl from Spain 6 years ago. I was running the trails for a decade before rescuing my dog Tilly from Spain and wanted to introduce her to the trails as confidently as I could. It is a different kind of running experience, especially with a strong, powerful pointer, but one that I am just a little addicted to!

Here at Let’s Go, we are getting enquiries from many who are already keen trail runners looking at introducing their dogs to the sport of Canicross. This may be due to wanting to “kill two birds with one stone” by doing the miles together or wanting to take part in the growing trails events that allow Canicross. Regardless of the reasons, it’s always wise to get the correct set-up for you and your dog to experience a trail run together with comfort and safety in mind.

Not all trail running kits for dogs are made equal and it can be all too easy to spend money on a cheaper piece of kit and realise that it’s not up to the task. The Canicross kit we use (and have in our kit bag for others to try) is specifically designed to allow your dog to pull in harness, to allow you to control your dog whilst they are attached to you and to ensure your body doesn’t get jarred as they pull.

In our recent Taster Sessions we have been taking experienced trail runners out to introduce their dogs to the sport where we initially set them up with the kit that suits them best whilst introducing the commands they will use whilst running with their dogs. The commands are such an important element to the teamwork within Canicross, ensuring you communicate with your dog and teach them how to work with you in harness alongside you is where the magic happens!

Setting humans and their dogs up for success is what it is all about here at Let’s Go Canicross. We want those who run with us to feel confident and safe to explore more together.

Team Let’s Go at the start of the Lobster Lollop 10k in Padstow

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